Shreveport-Bossier Commercial and Senior Portrait Photography

Specializing in commercial photography and high school senior portraits.

As a Shreveport Bossier photographer I make sure I try to have a pulse on the community. Making sure I am always learning and growing to make my business better fit the needs of each client that I serve.

Running a studio that specializes in commercial photography has a lot of differences than your usual portrait photography.  It takes a great ability to work as a team with the client, marketing team, and others.  I spent two years working as a marketing manager for a Harley Davidson dealership while attending college.  The knowledge I attained while working that job has helped me to learn important aspects of what a company needs to have a consistent brand.  That enables me to have a better overall idea of how to help create images that each company or business person can use to create their own personal branding.  

Let me know what type of photography you need.


Welding Photography


Working to create images that businesses can use to market themselves. I strive to make sure that the clients get the images the way they need them the first time so there is no need for a reshoot. Images are planned and executed with the client’s marketing needs in mind.



Perfect opportunity to get a variety of images that represent you as the face of your business. Take your portraits a step beyond a headshot and help your clients get to know you and your business. Create a cohesive look and can be used over a wide variety of social media, websites, or marketing platforms.

Bossier Dancer Portraits


The best way to preserve the memories of some of the most fun years in school.. Ww will create portraits that are archival and will be able to be passed down to generations. Be photographed the way you want and with who you want.

Studio 5511


The studio is in a convenient location for anyone in Shreveport/Bossier, its just up from BPCC on Highway 80. It sits on almost an acre of land and is a cute boutique style home. It has a three shooting areas, a makeup room, prop room, kitchen, and reception room. With over 40 backdrops available almost any look can be achieved. Get a look of being outside while still in the nice air conditioned building. No worries about the weather when you know when we have a scheduled shoot.


Bossier Photo Studio
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Bossier Photo studio photography

Montana Gal in a Louisiana World


Truth be told, I got into photography as a way to have an excuse in high school to get out of class. I signed up to be on the yearbook staff and then volunteered to be a yearbook photographer because time in the darkroom meant time unsupervised by any teachers...I ended up falling in love with my escape from authority as it allowed me to have a chance to truly create something.  I loved the magic of watching my memories appear on the paper and knowing I could wield a wand to change their final product.

Over the years I spent numerous hours in the darkroom developing film and my own prints.  As I saw photography move into new options in digital I moved with the ever changing flow.  I still love the traditional film and dark room, but digital has allowed me to create works of art I never before saw as possible.  Wanting to be able to maximize my potential in this field I attended the Art Institute of Pittsburgh and got my Bachelors of Science in Photography.

As I have grown as a person, mother, wife, photographer I have seen first hand how an incredible image of someone can change their perspective on themselves.  I want to create images everyday that show people the best versions of themselves, images that can be passed down in families for generations. I invite all to have a personal session with me, it will change how you feel about yourself.


photographer headshots
Motorcycle photography

What would be your dream session?


How do you imagine being photographed? Do you have a creative idea but not sure how to do it? I would love to help you create a session of your dreams. The opportunity to have images made of you that are something you only dreamed of having done. Contact me for more information.


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