First step in Portrait Masters Accreditation | Bossier Portrait Photography

There are many ways to try to improve yourself. In the photography business this is usually done through certifications and accreditations. I am halfway through a two year process to get my Certified Professional Photographer through PPA. Last month I also started on the process to get my Portrait Masters accreditation. I submitted a few images for critique to start the process. Each of these images won Bronze status. This is the first step for me in what will be a process that should drive me to create and learn. I am so blessed that the first time I submitted I had my images actually earn a ranked status. Here is to learning and growing, I can’t wait to show you how much it helps me to push myself.

This will drive me to create more, push further than I have done, and to generally grow in skill and creativity. If you are interested in being in a more creative photo shoot this is the opportunity for you to book a creative or themed session. Let me know what creative idea drives you.

Do you worry you don't have the right clothes for a session? | Bossier Portrait Sessions

Sometimes we feel like we don’t have the right wardrobe to be photographed, so let me design a shoot for you. First decide what look is YOU? Casual glam jeans, Calvin Klein style, super glam evening gown, or traditional elegance-then style your wardrobe to create the look you want.

When you book a session I make sure we work together to plan the perfect wardrobe for your session. I don’t want you to stress that you don’t have what you need for the look you want. That’s part of what I love to do, designing a perfect session for you.

Airline High Homecoming | Bossier Senior Photography

Its been a crazy busy past few weeks and that has cut into time I have had to put a lot of thought into a blog post. I am sure I need to make this a bigger priority in what images I post and share. This week is my mom brag week though {I get those occasionally.} My daughter got to attend the Homecoming Dance at Airline High. She was stunning and so was her dear friend. It was an honor to have both couples in the studio prior to their night out. I just wanted to share some of my favorite images from the day.

Bossier Corporate Headshot Photography | Bossier Commercial Photography

I get the honor of meeting such incredible people in our community each week. With each new job I get introduced to more and more people who live and work in the Shreveport/Bossier area. It makes me so thankful to realize that these are the wonderful people making up this community that I have come to love.

This past week I got to work with my incredible hair and makeup artist, Leah Barker. She is fantastic doing her job and teaching everyone things they can do to improve their skin. Even last night my daughter was telling my husband how if he doesn’t have a good skin routine, he better talk to Leah! LOL Not only does she know her stuff but she is always willing to jump in and help others, and she always gets some behind the scenes photos of me while we work. Thank you Leah!

Diversity in my job is the best! | Shreveport Commercial Photography

One of the best aspects of my job is that it is always something different. Some days I might be shooting headshots or products in the studio and other days it will be on location at a business. This past week one of those on location opportunities came up. It will be the first in a series of shoots for a local area hospital.

They have an incredible team of staff and it was impressive how they were able to schedule us around a few hour window when they actually had an open room to let us use it to capture images that we needed. It is such an honor to get to work with businesses that truly care about what they do and help them create images that show their passion for their work.

How to Jumpstart your business | Shreveport Bossier Commercial Photography

I got to spend today with some of the most incredible business owners in the Shreveport/Bossier area. It was a meeting for BNI (Business Networking International) Leadership in the area. Twice a year the areas seven chapters get together to learn and to celebrate recent achievements in their groups. The chapter I am a part of, BNI Select, took part in the event, and as an area ambassador I got to help lead some of the training.

It was a wonderful experience to see business owners of all types working together to help each other learn and grow their businesses. BNI is an incredible group that worldwide helps businesses to network and pass business to each other. This year I won my chapter’s Notable Networker award for being a person who strives to motivate the chapter, increase networking, and believes in the BNI motto of Giver’s Gain. We set new goals for our chapter for the next year and I can’t wait to see how we all learn and grow together.

Creative Photography | Bossier Portrait Photography

I realized that when I have deadlines (aka school assignments) I pushed myself harder and further to be creative, to get inspired, to learn something new in my craft. Constantly growing and learning is what not only sets you apart, but its something I use to truly enjoy. I think over the past few years I have focused more on my business and not as much on the fun aspect of my career. This changes now! Shreveport and Bossier I will be calling on you for specific looks for some upcoming shoots. I have a long list of things I want to create. They might even have to get done more than once until I am able to achieve the look I want. To be honest I truly expect that to happen, I mean how do we learn best if not from making mistakes as we go. Maybe not mistakes as much as not fully being able to create the vision that is inside my head. The only way to know though will be to do.

These images are all from past photo shoots and I can’t wait to create more like this.

Louisiana Beauty | Caddo Lake Photography

Three years ago I had an incredible opportunity to go on a wonderful steam boat tour with my family of the stunning Caddo Lake.  We went with the Red River Photography photo group.  It was a wonderful opportunity for many of us to capture the stunning lake that borders Shreveport.  Plus my children loved that they had the opportunity to drive the boat for a while by themselves.    

It was one of my first opportunities to see the beauty in this area.  Definitely was a tour worth experiencing!  It reminds me to take the time to not only travel afar but to see the beauty in the area near me too.

What does the Face of YOUR business say? | Shreveport/Bossier Headshot Photography

Good business people quickly learn that we are our business.  This means as a manager, owner, entrepreneur we will be the face that a person who deals with our business remembers.  The way we interact with each client will let them know how we care, what we can and will do for them, and who we are a a business person.  It is so important to make sure each contact counts, that we are seen in a positive light.  

If the first impression a person gets of who you most often anymore is your online profile. Does it convey professionalism? Happiness? Expertise? Caring? Helpful?  What does your headshot say about you?  Make sure your headshot is saying what you want to your client base.  

This can be done by making sure your image doesn't have a distracting background.  Wear colors that are complimentary to you and in some cases even match your business branding.  Make sure your headshot looks like you do most days, for example if you usually wear glasses then you should in your headshot.  If you have any other questions on how to get a great headshot don't hesitate to ask me.  

Make sure your Product Photography is beneficial to your business | Louisiana Product Photographer

The saying goes that a photo is worth a thousand words.  This is such a true statement.  It is so much easier for most people to show a photo of what something looks like then to try to explain it.  That is why I believe it is so important for companies to have images of their products that show what set them apart from their competitors.  They need to be able to show the product details and their favorite aspects of their products.  This is so easily done in a studio photo shoot where we can take the time to pinpoint those details and make sure they are shown in the best possible way for their clients.

One of my favorite things about these shoots though, is the excitement they generate.  I love to hear the companies' stories, or the reason behind a design for a specific product.  You can tell the passion a person has for something they have helped in the design, building, or sale of when they talk about what sets it apart or its special features.  This also helps me to be sure to capture the things they are excited about in their images.

Louisiana Gun Photography

Varnado Hall | Louisiana Architecture Photography

Shreveport Architecture Photography

Something people might not know about me is that I have an absolute love for architecture!  When in college I even made a point of taking an architectural photography course and two classes that highlighted a lot of architecture over history.  So when I get the opportunity to photograph incredible buildings I am in heaven, and even more so when those buildings include me getting a road trip (one of my other favorite things.)

So when I was contacted to photograph the updated Varnado Hall at Northwestern in Natchitoches, LA, I jumped at the chance.  This building is over 80 years old and has just undergone a huge facelift.  The shared spaces are so bright and inviting with lots of room to be comfortable while learning.  They even have a soundproof recording studio area in the dorm!  I absolutely love the old lighting fixtures that are so nicely blended with the new.

Northwestern Varnado Hall

Five Years from Now, Five Years Ago | Bossier Portrait Photography

I am not always so good at knowing what to write in my blog.  I want to make sure what I am posting is slightly interesting, could maybe help others, or shows something more about me or my business.  This definitely isn't always the case.  I know I tend to write like I talk and an English major might have serious issues with my blabberings.  But this week I realized that probably doesn't matter.  

I have spent the past few days attending the Professional Photographers of Louisiana SPX (annual conference).  It is classes, hands on shooting, demos, trade show, and a ton of fun.  While in these classes, with my pages and pages of notes, I realized how much my life has changed in the last five years and how much it could change in the next five.  One of the speakers said that if you aren't progressing you are regressing.  This is something that rang so true to me.  

What do I need to do to keep progressing?  Where will I be in five years?  What will all my family be doing?  Five years ago all of my kids were still at home, now two have moved out.  I have less than five years until my daughter does too.  It made me realize how quickly things will change and how much I need to make sure to preserve memories of what our life is like now.  Do this for yourself, do it for your family and future generations.  

As children our parents took photos of every milestone and memory, but as adults we tend to not honor our achievements or the stage of life we are in.  This is something I wish I could convince everyone to change.  Get the photo with your best friend.  Have a mommy-daughter photo shoot.  Be proud of that new job, new feat, new talent.  Do something that will enable you to remember this moment in your life forever.