Favorite Things

One of my favorite hobbies is baking!  When its cold I want to bake yummy breads and desserts.  Since we have had a cold spell recently in Louisiana I have either wanted to be baking or working on my photography.  One of my husband's favorite is Apple Braid.  My kids love it because when I make it they get to eat the "apple spaghetti" that comes from the apple peeler/slicer.  This is just a few images of making the sweet treat.  

Next week I think I need to do banana bread.

Louisiana Snow Day

Its not often we get to hear the words "Snow Day".  When we lived in the north there really wasn't such a thing as a day off from school because of snow.  The kids there go to school when its -30 with a couple of feet of snow on the ground.  Louisiana is very different.  If there is even a possibility of snow, schools will be cancelled.  That is what happened today!  But this time we actually woke to snow on the ground.  My kids weren't as interested as their friends in playing in the snow, but I did manage to get them outside for a bit on the trampoline.  So I am just sharing quick snapshots from our day at home....tomorrow will be back to a regular work day.

Bossier Snow Day
Snowy Toy Fox Terrier

Shreveport/Bossier-Business Networking, Marketing, and Photography

I want to make big changes and growth in my photography business this year.  To achieve that goal I will be stepping up my marketing and networking game.  I joined a local BNI (business networking group) this past October to help me in this goal.  It requires speaking in a group every week, something I know a lot of people hate doing, me included.  Repetition and practice.  Additionally, every few months each member takes a turn giving a ten minute presentation on their business.  

This week was my turn.  This is an incredible opportunity to explain to others a but about me, what I do in my photography, and how my skills and service can benefit others. Since this was my very first time doing this I apparently underestimated how many images ten years of photography would produce.  My goal was to explain the facets of my skills in commercial photography.  When I first did a timed practice my images alone would have filled a 20 minute presentation!  Needless to say I think I have plenty of images for the next time I will need to speak.

Here is a small group of the images I showed in my presentation.


Shreveport BNI Photographer
Bossier BNI Photographer

Welcome 2018-Let's get shooting Shreveport-Bossier!

2017 was a year of HUGE changes for me.  I quit working at my part time photography job, bought a studio, spent almost half the year getting it legal for business, and got my own photography business going full time.  It was a year with ups and downs, lessons and blessings.  

This year will be more uphill battles, growth, learning, and I am SO looking forward to the journey!  I have goals for my business, mostly ones to expand my work, add to my portfolio, and do more personal photography projects.  Expect more blog posts, videos, and behind the scenes photos.  I am working on a better list of all the plans and will start to lay out more details as I progress on my goals.  Truly I want this to be the year I learn more, push myself beyond my comfort zone, and grow in my work. 

What are your 2018 goals?  Are they the same as last years?  Are you ahead of where you were a year ago?  What do you want to learn this year?  Get your goals written out, share them.  Make yourself accountable.  You can make 2018 a great year.

Louisiana Foggy Boat Dock

10 Facts about your Shreveport-Bossier Photographer

This will be a little get to know your photographer type post-ten facts about me, that some might know and some you definitely don't.  Things about me:

  1. Married for over 23 years and we have four kids.
  2. I love Christmas!  This includes Christmas music that I am known to listen to year round.
  3. Ride a Harley Davidson, actually right now, two of them-an Iron 883 and a Fat Boy Lo.
  4. I have lived in four countries and seven states.
  5. Once I let a tarantula spider crawl on my arms and back.
  6. Love Disney-going to DisneyWorld, listening to Disney music, and often watching the movies over and over.
  7. I wanted to swim with the sharks as a career when I was 10.  I still would love to do this sometime, just not for a job.
  8. Working on learning Italian, lentamente (slowly).
  9. Collect old cameras and 3D viewfinders.
  10. Love to read, and I can speed read, and have been known to finish 1000+ page books in day.
Black and white Photography-Bossier LA

How to Improve your Photography

I am often asked so many questions about photography.  "How can I take better photos?" "What are the best settings for sports photos?" "What is the best camera to buy?" "What lenses do I need?" "Is there a lighting set up you recommend?" "How can I get that great blurry background?" And so on, and so on...so I thought I would do a blog post about one of my favorite photography basic photographer and author, Bryan Peterson.  

 {Image taken during the Oregon workshop}

{Image taken during the Oregon workshop}

I want to start by highly recommending that anyone looking to learn photography basics start with his book, Understanding Exposure. In this book he breaks down the basics of getting started in photography.  It is as if you have a photography teacher standing right next to you helping you out.  He has several books that you can jump into if you want something more advanced or challenging like, Understanding Shutter Speed, Understanding Close Up Photography, Understanding Flash Photography, and many, many more.

 {Image taken at the Oregon workshop}

{Image taken at the Oregon workshop}

His books made such an impact with me when I was first invested in learning this art for a career that I took an incredible workshop with him in Oregon.  It was so much fun and it was one of the most motivational and out of the box style workshops I have ever attended.  The best part was I left the workshop with incredible images and a desire to get out and to shoot more.

To see any of Bryan's personal work you can visit his website at http://www.bryanfpeterson.com

Photojournalism with Garden Park Nursing and Rehab

I was provided the honor of shooting some events photojournalism style for Garden Park.  They have a wonderful group of their residents that do a Christmas show with bells.  The music is beautiful.  The residents rode in style in limos to Loyola Prep where they played a show for the students.  It was sweet music that definitely helped to put me in the holiday spirit.

Get in front of the Camera!-Bossier Portrait Photography

I have been SO excited to share some of the images from Bree's portrait session.  These photos show the beauty I see in her each time that we see each other.  I was thrilled to get to capture images that share her laugh, smile, love of life, beauty, and general happiness.  Needless to say we laughed a lot, talked even more, and in between I was able to take some incredible photos in the studio.

We shared our love for travel, Europe, and DisneyWorld.  We talked about family, work, and life.  I am always so impressed by her joy.  I remember a few years ago she had just been in a car wreck and was hurting so bad, but kept a smile on her face.  She is one of those beautiful souls who brings happiness to others with just a smile.  Thank you Bree for letting me show you what I see in you every day. 

Bossier Portrait Photography

Light Study-Shreveport Commercial Photography

This week marks four years since I finished my Bachelors of Science in Photography.  I was recently looking back at some of the projects I started and worked on while in school.  Some I learned so much from, others I would love to go back and revisit.  I was pondering on this while I started working on plans for my goals for 2018. 

Jenn Brooke Photography portraits.jpg

Our instructors would have us work on a study for certain projects.  This would always include numerous contact sheets to show things we had tried.  I found it tedious at the time, but I have come to realize as I look back on these references how much it can take so much trial and error, and tons of practice, to get a look we might want for an image.

I am a firm believer that we should never stop learning, trying new things, and growing in our craft.  I hope that this year I am able to make huge leaps in learning and practicing.  I want to devote more time to personal projects and growth.  Have you started planning for your goals for next year?  What will they include?  Be sure to include goals that will make you better than you are this year!

Shreveport Portraits

Shreveport Commercial Photography-Personal Branding

I have realized one of my favorite things when I get hired to shoot a personal branding session is getting to know the person that I will be photographing.  To do a personal branding session you NEED to do this, to ensure the images that you are working together to create will be ones that will work for that person's business, marketing, and branding.  

Shreveport Marketing Photography.jpg

So when I was contacted to shoot Susan and she came in for the planning session, we were both truly impressed with all the fun and crazy things we had in common.  

Commercial Photography Shreveport

Needless to say it helped to make her shoot go off without a hitch and she now has some images that she is already using to be able to market her growing business. 

Shreveport Portrait Photography

7 Things Tanya recommends for your Portrait Session

Since I had the incredible opportunity to shoot photos of a dear friend, Tanya.  She hates having her photos taken, but truly enjoyed this shoot.  It was nice that she shared this information with me on what she felt she learned.

I decided I would include her advice to those looking to get their portraits done.  This is what she learned from doing her own session.  This is seven things she recommends for anyone for before and during their portrait shoot.

Bossier Glamour Portait.jpg

1. Choose clothing you wouldn't normally wear.  Don't be afraid to be bold!

2.  Its better to be over prepared than under prepared.

shreveport portrait photographer.jpg

3. Form fitting clothes compliments your body better.

4. Even if posing feels awkward, listen to the photographer because they are more experienced.

bossier photographer

5. Make sure to put your personality into your session.

6. Have a positive attitude!

Jenn Brooke Photography portrait

7. Have FUN!!!