Photojournalism with Garden Park Nursing and Rehab

I was provided the honor of shooting some events photojournalism style for Garden Park.  They have a wonderful group of their residents that do a Christmas show with bells.  The music is beautiful.  The residents rode in style in limos to Loyola Prep where they played a show for the students.  It was sweet music that definitely helped to put me in the holiday spirit.

Get in front of the Camera!-Bossier Portrait Photography

I have been SO excited to share some of the images from Bree's portrait session.  These photos show the beauty I see in her each time that we see each other.  I was thrilled to get to capture images that share her laugh, smile, love of life, beauty, and general happiness.  Needless to say we laughed a lot, talked even more, and in between I was able to take some incredible photos in the studio.

We shared our love for travel, Europe, and DisneyWorld.  We talked about family, work, and life.  I am always so impressed by her joy.  I remember a few years ago she had just been in a car wreck and was hurting so bad, but kept a smile on her face.  She is one of those beautiful souls who brings happiness to others with just a smile.  Thank you Bree for letting me show you what I see in you every day. 

Bossier Portrait Photography

Light Study-Shreveport Commercial Photography

This week marks four years since I finished my Bachelors of Science in Photography.  I was recently looking back at some of the projects I started and worked on while in school.  Some I learned so much from, others I would love to go back and revisit.  I was pondering on this while I started working on plans for my goals for 2018. 

Jenn Brooke Photography portraits.jpg

Our instructors would have us work on a study for certain projects.  This would always include numerous contact sheets to show things we had tried.  I found it tedious at the time, but I have come to realize as I look back on these references how much it can take so much trial and error, and tons of practice, to get a look we might want for an image.

I am a firm believer that we should never stop learning, trying new things, and growing in our craft.  I hope that this year I am able to make huge leaps in learning and practicing.  I want to devote more time to personal projects and growth.  Have you started planning for your goals for next year?  What will they include?  Be sure to include goals that will make you better than you are this year!

Shreveport Portraits

Shreveport Commercial Photography-Personal Branding

I have realized one of my favorite things when I get hired to shoot a personal branding session is getting to know the person that I will be photographing.  To do a personal branding session you NEED to do this, to ensure the images that you are working together to create will be ones that will work for that person's business, marketing, and branding.  

Shreveport Marketing Photography.jpg

So when I was contacted to shoot Susan and she came in for the planning session, we were both truly impressed with all the fun and crazy things we had in common.  

Commercial Photography Shreveport

Needless to say it helped to make her shoot go off without a hitch and she now has some images that she is already using to be able to market her growing business. 

Shreveport Portrait Photography

7 Things Tanya recommends for your Portrait Session

Since I had the incredible opportunity to shoot photos of a dear friend, Tanya.  She hates having her photos taken, but truly enjoyed this shoot.  It was nice that she shared this information with me on what she felt she learned.

I decided I would include her advice to those looking to get their portraits done.  This is what she learned from doing her own session.  This is seven things she recommends for anyone for before and during their portrait shoot.

Bossier Glamour Portait.jpg

1. Choose clothing you wouldn't normally wear.  Don't be afraid to be bold!

2.  Its better to be over prepared than under prepared.

shreveport portrait photographer.jpg

3. Form fitting clothes compliments your body better.

4. Even if posing feels awkward, listen to the photographer because they are more experienced.

bossier photographer

5. Make sure to put your personality into your session.

6. Have a positive attitude!

Jenn Brooke Photography portrait

7. Have FUN!!!

Happy Steampunk Halloween-Shreveport Steampunk

In honor of Halloween, I thought I would share some images from a project I did about three years ago with the local Shreveport Steampunk group.  

Shreveport Steampunk.jpg

This incredible group was willing to work with me on a vision that I had to capture a variety of images of them in their steampunk outfits at the Shreveport Waterworks Museum.  

Steampunk Photography.jpg

The shoots took over a month to accomplish with test shots first done in the studio, and then followed by a few scouting shoots, and then the final shoot for each of the seven participants.  

Shreveport Steampunk Museum.jpg

They constantly amazed me with the details that went into each individual look, from hair to boots, to accessories and specialty touches on the dresses.  These people are incredibly creative and inspiring.

Victorian Steampunk SHreveport-Edit.jpg

If you ever get the opportunity to attend a function they are at, do it.  Be inspired by their ideas, fun personalities, and originality!

Shreveport Steampunk Photography.jpg

Bossier Senior Photography Rep: Sam

Announcing my Airline High School 2018 Senior Rep, Sam.

JBP_Bossier Senior-Airline High.jpg

One of the things I look for in a senior rep is someone who is motivated, good natured, and outgoing.  Sam is all of these things and more. His hard work has even earned him the rank of Eagle Scout in the Boy Scouts of America.

JennBrookePhoto-Airline High Senior.jpg

There are so many things this young man can do.  He sings and plays the piano.  Also, in his junior year, Sam was in his high school play "The Little Mermaid."  He is on the school's bowling team and they went to Bi-Regionals.  This year he is studying Culinary Arts at BPSTIL.

Airline-Bossier_Senior Photo.jpg

To get to know my seniors better, I have a questionnaire all potential reps fill out.  In it I ask if their life had a theme song, what would it be?  Sam's answer was the Superman theme song.  It was awesome that he made sure to bring his Superman shirt to wear in some of his photos.

JBP_Bossier Senior.jpg

Sam picked an incredible location for his last part of his photo shoot. It was a place I had never been before but, I fell in love with it.  That is until we were totally attacked by mosquitos and raced back to our vehicles to escape the swarm.

Shreveport Senior Photography.jpg

Shreveport Senior Rep-Kaylee

I am excited to announce my senior rep from Northwood High School in Shreveport, Kaylee!


Kaylee is an incredible young lady!  She is so creative and shares my love of antiques and eclectic furniture and styles.  She is also the soprano leader of Northwood's acapella group, NHarmonic5.  She got all one's in the Solo and Ensemble competition for three years in a row!

Jenn Brooke Photo-Senior-Kaylee-Shreveport.jpg

We had such a blast at her senior session.  We started in the studio and then headed to downtown Shreveport so we could have a variety of looks for her images.  She was so laid back and her contagious smile made my work of narrowing down her session to a reasonable number almost impossible.  


Kaylee is also a drama student that qualified to be in Caddo Parish's Talented Arts Program. She is going to go far and I can't wait to see how she will share her talents with the world.  

Welcome to Jenn Brooke Photography's Senior Rep Program Kaylee!  I am so glad that you are on my team!!!

Shreveport/Bossier Photography Group-Red River Photographers


I have been a member of the Red River Photography group in Shreveport/Bossier for over four years now.  I joined via when I first got to the area as a way to meet other people interested in photography.  Also it is a great way to get out in the local area and learn what it had to offer.  I now help to run the group and have for the past couple of years by hosting different get togethers.  Monday night was one such meet up.  We had a planned get together to shoot images of the Shreveport/Bossier skyline at dusk.  I had such a good time and plan to try to shoot more sunset images again soon.

We try to have monthly meetings for the group but at this time we are looking for a few people who love photography who would be willing to step up to host quarterly meetings so it isn't all on one or two people to host the events.  If you are interested or know anyone else who might be, send them my way. 


Fall Sports Photography-Family Life

Bossier_Soccer-Jenn Brooke Photography

Fall is a time in our family that is extremely busy.  Between soccer, dance, pep squad, homecoming, work, teaching youth group at church, and much more I don't seem to have a lot of down time.  I love this time of year though as we get to spend time with friends we only see during sports seasons.  Plus its always great to watch as your kids grow.  Lastly, its one of the few times I get to do sports action photography.  

So since this is one of the things I have been shooting a lot the last few weeks I decided I would share a couple of the last game's images.  This is far different than my usual commercial or senior photography, but I love how it makes me practice a different skill set and get an opportunity for me to grow.


Brassai-Black and White Photography Inspiration

While in school, we had numerous different assignments where we had to research past photographers and artists to learn from their work.  During this time I fell absolutely in love with the work of photographer, Brassai.  He was a French photographer that lived from 1899 to 1984, and rose to fame with his book Paris By Night that was published in 1933.

I received this book as a Christmas gift a few years ago.  It is one of my favorite inspiring books.  I know that when he learned photography black and white images were all that was possible.  But his photography work pushed the ability to shoot details and texture to an incredible level.  He was known for his images that portrayed the nightlife in Paris during the 1930s.  He was able to meet and work with artists like Pablo Picasso, Salvador Dali, and Ansel Adams. 

My favorite story that I learned about him was one that taught me about his ingenuity.  He wasn't a wealthy man in his early years and said he didn't own a pocket watch.  Cameras at the time did not have a timer, so one would have to track how long the shutter was open on the camera with a watch or hand timer.  Since he didn't have one he learned that an almost perfect shutter time for his night photography was how long it took him to smoke a cigarette.  So he would open his shutter, light up, and when he was done with his smoke he closed the shutter.  This technique netted him the perfect shutter speed to create some incredible images.

This is a series of images I shot in color, but with the knowledge that I would turn them into black and white.  I spent a few months touring a closed Steam Engine Museum and documenting it just as I saw it.  I wanted the viewer to see the images as a small piece of history and I though the early photography black and white look would help to achieve this.  My next project inspired by Brassai will be a night photography series.  

Take the time to learn from the past work of artists.  Find mentors past and present who inspire you to create and grow in your medium.  

For more information on Brassai, you can look at these links:

Or buy one of his books, they might inspire your next image.


Brassai-taken by Ansel Adams in 1973

Brassai-taken by Ansel Adams in 1973

Historical Shreveport-Commercial Photography

This is the second time I have had the honor of working as the photographer on a task to get a local school listed on the national historic registry.  The first school was Booker T. Washington High School.  This past week it was Bethune High School, which is now Oak Park Elementary.  

From front east corner looking west

From front east corner looking west


I truly have a love for old buildings and architecture.  These projects give me an opportunity to meet incredible people in our community, learn history, and of course, my favorite, about the buildings and their historical relevance.  Oak Park/Bethune was no exception!  

This building was only a high school for only about twelve years before it changed to an elementary/middle school.  The school was built as what was called a "neighborhood" school.  Its design matched the homes that were in the surrounding area, but it had some original features such as exposed beams, open walkways, color glazed bricks, and areas that were made to look like they could be exterior features but they were on the inside.

Once the package of information is assembled and turned in it will still take a few months to know if this school will get added to the registry.  I look forward to this step and hopefully the incredible ceremony that will follow and highlight the area's architecture and history.